Welcome to Chiltern Baby Massage A Wonderful Way to Bond With Your Baby



Ebony and baby Alfie February 2019

"It's a lovely time together and good as an activity when they are so young. I think it has also helped with his wind, massaging his face and tummy is the best tool I have to calm him if he's upset.

I liked how friendly it was and will miss it now it has finished! Melissa was really helpful and listened to our questions etc and she made it a really welcoming and friendly environment"

Jo and baby Jessica February 2019

"Relaxes her, especially when she has a windy day. Builds the mummy daughter bonding. She has always enjoyed bathtime, but think massage has made her enjoy it more as she's used to being touched and can also do some movements whilst in the bath. Melissa was great, super friendly and very welcoming. Thought it was excellent and really enjoyed it!"

Donna and baby Stanley April 2019

"Amazing class. Melissa was very friendly. I loved that the classes were small so that we all felt really included in the class. Also nothing was too much trouble for Melissa. She refreshed each week so that we remembered how to do the massages we had learnt. 

 Stanley was so chilled during and after each class and I really do believe this class helped massively with his colic."

Izzy and baby James June 2019

 "Melissa was fantastic, always so lovely and would help with any questions or issues with the baby. She was a real pleasure to be around, very professional with how she conducted the course and very knowledgeable, she gave a couple of extra tips and things if there was anything extra that needed covering. Eg when baby James had a cold she pointed out a few movements which would help with the congestion in his chest."

Stacey and baby Hannah July 2019

" Melissa was friendly, informative and relaxed. She knows babies need to be able to move/ be fed/ cuddled when convenient to them and was happy for us to sort that and adapt sessions to each person’s needs.  I think my baby feels it’s comforting and calming. It’s also a chance for us to bond and interact without distraction.  She loved the time with me and also looking at/interacting with other babies." 

Jolanta and baby Tobias July 2019

"Melissa created friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. She has very good knowledge about the baby message and it is very clear she really enjoys what she does.  He enjoys legs and tummy touches and massages".


Katrina and baby Milo October 2019

"We both really enjoyed the course. It was nice to receive a certificate at the end as well.
Milo loves having a different part of his body massage each night before bed.
I also think it will be a great way for my husband to bond with him as Milo is so relaxed when having it done! 

My baby has eczema so cream and massage is something we do everyday. It helps make him enjoy being creamed more and also feel relaxed at bedtime."